Bright Pink
Lipstick Day

FRIDAY 16 SEPTEMBER #daretoshare


Alarmingly, around half of Australians don’t know if cancer runs in their family. This Bright Pink Lipstick Day take control of your health because when you know your risk, you can change your future.

Register and hold a fundraiser, donate, or buy a Pink Hope Lipstick with a purpose... Because these lipsticks and you, can save lives.

With one in seven women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime … one thing is for sure.

Cancer doesn’t wait for anyone.

Help us take charge by going Bright Pink this September!

Bright Pink to drive early detection or prevention of hereditary cancers.

Bright Pink to fund specialist medical support for women at-risk of or diagnosed with cancer.

Bright Pink for Australian women to own their health narratives…once and for all.

Here’s how you can go Bright Pink this #brightpinklipstickday

Fundraise for Pink Hope

Help us raise $100,000 so together we can take cancer face on for at-risk and diagnosed women by registering to fundraise. 

Registration is free. And if you’re in the first 100 to register, you will receive a bonus of 15 affirmation cards, and a rose coloured compact. 

In other words, everything needed to up your daily #daretoshare selfie game, boost your fundraising and get your girlfriends in on all the fun!

Donate for Impact

Pink not your colour? You can still donate to help women like Lan!

For as little as $10 you can make sure a newly diagnosed woman and her family receive resources to understand their cancer risk and diagnosis. Times that donation by 5 and you’ll be empowering a woman struggling with her diagnosis or risk to receive personal support. And if you want to support a whole group of at-risk or diagnosed women? $250 will enable a support group event!

Go Pink, Loud and Proud

On the run and no time to fundraise? You can still help by investing in some of our exclusive Bright Lipstick Day lipsticks to wear loud and proud for the month of September. Plus, don’t forget to get your girlfriends onto these lipstick shades… because these lipsticks can save lives.

You can help our community at the same time as helping us to change these statistics…

1 IN 7

Women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetimes.


1 IN 250

Have a BRCA1 gene mutation, making them 75% more likely to develop breast cancer.


3 IN 5

Women don’t survive their ovarian cancer journey.


Fundraising takes just 4 easy steps…

Register your fundraiser/event

Registering is free – and if you’re one of the first 100 to register, you’ll get a free, rose coloured compact, and 15 inspirational postcards to help up your fundraising game!

Bring your supporters together

Whatever fundraising you’re planning, there’s one thing for sure. You’ll definitely want your closest and dearest getting in on your shenanigans for the good of every Pink Hope community member

Buy a lipstick
(or two!)

Up your fundraising game by buying a lipstick (or two!) from our exclusive range and wearing them loud and proud in the lead up to and on Bright Pink Lipstick Day, Friday 16 September. Plus, don’t forget to share the store link with your fundraising buddies – they just may want to go Bright Pink with you! 

Let's start

Hit the ground running from the 1st September by getting in on our #daretoshare selfie challenge – it’s as easy as doing a daily selfie with your bright pink lipstick on (creativity highly encouraged!) and sharing your fundraising link.

And don’t forget to go extra loud and proud on the 16th September for our official Bright Pink Lipstick Day with the rest of our crew! 

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