Don't Sweat It Webinar: Peri/menopause in the workplace

Join Dr Ginni Mansberg and Shelly Horton from Don’t Sweat It for an engaging, uplifting and informative online webinar on peri/menopause in the workplace.

Mon 9th Oct 2023
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This event is now closed

Don't Sweat It - Menopause Webinar with Dr Ginni Mansberg and Shelly Horton

Join Dr Ginni Mansberg and Shelly Horton from Don’t Sweat It for an engaging, uplifting and informative online webinar on peri/menopause in the workplace. 

You may recognise the founders of Don’t Sweat It. Dr Ginni Mansberg is a tv presenter, podcaster, author and columnist as well as a GP specialising in all things menopause and Shelly Horton who is a journalist, tv presenter, keynote speaker and emcee with over 25 years’ experience as a corporate trainer.  

In this webinar Dr Ginni and Shelly will cover things like:

  • What is menopause? How is it different to perimenopause?
  • What is medically induced menopause?
  • Who can and can’t take HRT?
  • Non-hormonal medications and lifestyle changes
  • How does it affect people at work?
  • How can workplaces help?

LinkedIn announced it was in the top 10 workplace issues for 2023. The biggest myth is that menopause is an old person’s problem. The average woman will start to have symptoms of peri/menopause from between the age of 45-54 which is often when women are at the prime of their career.  

40% of women feel that peri/menopause symptoms negatively affect their performance at work. As a result, 10% of these women actually leave the workforce altogether because of their symptoms, and a further 14% reduce their hours and even 8% sidestep a promotion. Many also report suffering a crisis in confidence. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dr Ginni and Shelly will offer practical solutions and strategies to help women experiencing peri and menopause symptoms. Whether it be recognising the symptoms in yourself or being aware of what to look out for when the time comes or becoming educated on how to support others. This webinar is for everyone.   

Together we can remove the stigma around peri/menopause and lift the lid on this very real issue impacting workplaces to improve wellbeing and workplace performance. 

*We refer to cisgender women but acknowledge that menopause impacts some individuals in the trans and non-binary community.


Dr Ginni Mansberg

The author of bestselling book The M Word, How to Thrive in Menopause, Ginni is a GP, TV presenter, podcaster, author and columnist. As a member of both the Australian and International Menopause Societies, Ginni remains at the cutting edge of menopause research and management, which is why she’s a frequent speaker on the issues that affect women’s health.

Ginni is the “Sunrise GP” on Channel Seven, and the host of both “Embarrassing Bodies Down Under” and “Medicine or Myth”. She also hosts Mamamia Network’s “Help! I Have a Teenager” podcast, Audible’s “Things You Can’t Talk About on TV” alongside her bestie Shelly, and “Drivetime Medical”, a poscast for health care professionals. She is also co-founder of ESK Evidence Skincare.

With all of that going on, Ginni can’t afford to have brain fog!

Shelly Horton

Shelly Horton is a journalist, TV presenter, keynote speaker, emcee, runs her own company ShellShocked Media and is an out-and-proud peri warrior.

She appears weekly on Channel Nine delivering opinion segments and is the health and lifestyle presenter for 9Honey.

Her career highlights (outside of the current seven years at Nine) include 11 years reporting for the ABC, eight years as a presenter on Channel Seven and six years as a journalist at Fairfax.

Shelly has been a long-time advocate for women’s health including publicly speaking up to destigmatise topics such as a woman’s choice to be childfree, PCOS, dense breasts, depression and peri/menopause.

She has co-created online and in-person educational courses about confidencehealth advocacymedia training and peri/menopause in the workplace.

She has been a corporate trainer for 25 years helping companies communicate effectively internally and externally. The natural-born conversationalist has spun her magic with some of the country’s biggest organisations including Australian Digital Health Agency, Johnson & Johnson, Bond University Medical Faculty, Channel Nine, University of Sydney and SpecSavers.

She’s an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Too Good, Pink Hope and HER Mental Health.

She is a member of the International Menopause Society.

She’s too busy to put up with her peri symptoms, but it’s rare to see her without a fan.