2023, Gold Coast SheShares, March

Pink Hope invites you to join us for our She Shares event, an intimate catch up with the opportunity to meet and connect with the Pink Hope team and other women from the community.

Sun 26th Mar - Sun 26th Feb
5:00 pm
Miss Moneypenny's - 50 Surf Parade, Ground floor of the Avani Hotel

This event is now closed

Share, connect and spark meaningful conversations in a safe and creative space.

What are She Shares events?

Our She Shares events are a place for at-risk women to meet in a comfortable setting to share laughs, thoughts, questions, and advice. These events are hosted by our community for our community.

About our She Shares events

Our She Shares events are a place for women to share laughs, thoughts, questions and advice. These events are held across the country and involve various activities and thoughtful interactions with others who truly “get it”. We aim to create engaging and enjoyable events that spark meaningful conversations. It doesn’t matter what stage of your journey you’re in, we’ve designed our She Shares events to be a breath of fresh air; and don’t worry, sharing your story is completely up to you. 

What is included?

Be prepared to enjoy an evening of good food and company; this is your time to share, communicate and talk to other women from within the community.