Corinne Gebert

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Hi there!

This Bright Pink Lipstick Day, as the face of Resilience, I intend to make a difference to a cause that is close to my heart by fundraising for Pink Hope. While also committing to starting a conversation that matters about hereditary health.

This year I am asking you, my friends, family & network to join me and support my efforts by making a secure online donation and commit to having your own life-saving conversations.
All donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to my Pink Hope.

On behalf of myself and the Pink Hope community, Thank you so much for your support!

xx Corinne 

My lipstick shade is Resilience - Determined and won’t let anyone forget it. Ultimately taking everything in their stride. 

My Updates

Start a conversation that matters!

Thursday 9th Sep
Finding out I was potentially at high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer due to a genetic mutation started with a conversation. A cousin who had cancer told my parents who then told our family. This started me to take action - putting my health first, being informed about what the risks were to me and getting the right medical advice for a plan that was right for me. The core aim of Bright Pink Lipstick Day is to put on your lippy and start a conversation. Just like my family, I encourage everyone to find the strength to have an uncomfortable conversation. It may just save a life or give time with eachother. Questions to ask. Who has passed away in the family and why? Are there any health issues we should be aware of? Is a family member not sharing what’s wrong with their health? Am I at risk? What do I need to know to tell my GP?

Let’s do this!

Wednesday 1st Sep
I’m very excited and very humbled to be part of this years #brightpinklipstickday campaign. PinkHope has been integral to supporting me and my family to navigate our health risks in relation to Breast and Ovarian Cancers. I’m looking to raise funds and encourage you to purchase 1 or 4 lipsticks. 100% of the proceeds go towards helping people like me via information days to understand our risks, She Share events where we can meet with people going through the same thing and navigating the health system. Meaningful and useful support. My lipstick is Resilience 💪🏼 and woah do I need it. Because #thislipstickcan You may support by clicking to donate or purchase. Thank you 🙏

Thank you to my Sponsors


Corinne Gebert


Damian & Erin Kefalas

In memory of Rachelle. So proud of you Corinne xx



All the best with the Fund raising , ive seen the support pink hope brings to you and the family, That all important sence of community bringing and people together - smash it 👍


Jack Daniels


Eileen Dunne



Molly O'sullivan


Nat G

On ya sis!




Julie Watkins


Cara Bawden

Wishing you well with this campaign


Carmen Tarascio

Awesome work Corinne. Sending you lots of love xx


Marco Di Santis


Lauren Fraser


Christine Gebert

Great work Corinne, so greatful for Pink Hope in our lives and the lives of many others in need of support.


Kyahn Williamson

Wishing you all the best. Always happy to support this cause in memory of my dear friend Rachelle. I know it’s been such an important support group for you both x


Monique Colosimo

In loving memory of my dear friend & your sister Shell ❤️ She never stopped spreading awareness, it was a big focus of hers. Keep up the fantastic work Corrine xx


Nat Nolan

Your efforts are so amazing Corinne 👏


Paula Ramondetta

Great cause and keep up the good work Corinne..


Misery Guts

Onya Corinne! xx


Shannon Lloyd

Well done Corinne, Resilience is the perfect lipstick to be named after you x


Greg Bell


Sylvain Gebert

Thanks for doing the hard work for your late sister.