Robyn Smith

Bright Pink Lipstick Day 2022

Hi there!

This Bright Pink Lipstick Day, I intend to make a difference to a cause that is close to my heart by fundraising for Pink Hope. While also committing to starting a conversation that matters ~ about family health history. 

This year I am asking you, my friends, family & network to join me and support my efforts by making a secure online donation and commit to having your own life-saving conversations.
All donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to my Pink Hope.

You all know my story and how knowing my family health history has changed my own path. I hope everyone can have the same conversations so you can all be as informed as possible. 

On behalf of myself and the Pink Hope community, Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors



Robs you are doing a great job raising awareness and supporting those with similar family health histories. You really are making a difference. to people's lives.


Maria Ramirez


Tina Raymond

I love that you do this every year.


Alice O'brien



Renee B

You continue to be a shining light, my yes friend! x


Annie Christine Kentwell

Today Oliver Newton John passed away - a grand reminder of all the other women who have passed before today and Pink Hope gives us Hope for the future. Thank you Robyn Smith for being the passionate lead on this with your friends, family and networks.


Claire White

Love ya work Robs and love you! 💝


Lisa Garrett



You are amazing, Robs. x


Kate Porter-smith