Who is Pink Hope?

Here at Pink Hope, we’re able to make a big impact on the lives of thousands of at-risk women every year because of the passionate and committed people we have who are involved in our organisation. Not only do they help engage our community in conversations and support, but they have an incredible ability to make the most of limited funding and, most recently, pandemic-related restrictions.

Meet Our Team

Sarah Powell

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29 years old and subsequently found out she has a BRCA1 mutation. With two young children who may have inherited this increased risk of cancer, she has been a passionate advocate and supporter of Pink Hope since its inception. Sarah brings to Pink Hope a background in corporate banking and events management and being a high-risk individual herself, she knows exactly what’s important to the Pink Hope community.

Robyn Smith

Programs and Advocacy Manager

A keen advocate for preventive health, Robyn began her connection with Pink Hope by volunteering & connecting with her local high-risk community back in 2012. She has a background in finance and more recently extensive experience in the Not-for-Profit preventative health sector. Robyn is a keen advocate for informed decision making around managing cancer risk. She is part of several research teams contributing to studies relevant to the hereditary cancer community

Lisa Caterina

Community and Partnerships Manager

Lisa's passion lies in making a meaningful difference in the lives of families throughout their high-risk and cancer experiences. A dedicated community connector, going above and beyond to ensure high-risk women's and their families' well-being. Her expertise and understanding of the Pink Hope community make her an integral part of the team and empower her to effectively connect and engage with partners, showcasing her commitment to community development.

Carol Leung

Digital Marketing Specialist

Carol believes in the power of storytelling and has always been passionate about creating meaningful content in the digital world. Having lost a family member to cancer, she understands the importance of being informed and supported within the community. Combining her healthcare background with her digital marketing expertise, she is well-versed in making medical information accessible through content creation. She became a part of Pink Hope in 2023 with a commitment to spreading its message far and wide.


Charlie Durazza

Events and Fundraising Assistant

Charlie joined the Pink Hope team in mid-2022 after becoming a mum in February 2022. Having lost too many people around her to cancer, Charlie believes strongly in the work and education that Pink Hope provide to their community. Charlie has a background and passion for events and is hoping through her assistance with events the reach and impact of Pink Hope keeps growing and evolving.