Donate and Help

With your donation, we can help to ensure every Australian family at risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer is educated to #knowyourrisk. It’s easy to donate; you could organise your own fundraiser, give a small (or large) amount each month or you could have a shopping spree in our shop! Here’s how.

Donate my funds

Ongoing support from people like you are the reason Pink Hope is able to support increased-risk women and families like we do.


Workplace Giving

Workplace giving enables you to give directly to a charity from your pre-tax pay. It is one of the simplest, most tax-efficient and cost-effective ways to donate. As a bonus, employers can choose to match funds donated by their employees, giving you an additional incentive to get involved.

Why participate in workplace giving?

Workplace giving eliminates the need for you to collect receipts to claim the tax benefit and giving from your pre-tax income means donations cost you less while charities still receive the full benefit of the donation.

How to join a workplace giving program

Find out if your organisation currently has a workplace giving program. If they do, ask the payroll department to deduct your nominated donation amount to Pink Hope from your pre-tax salary each pay period, and your employer will make these donations to Pink Hope on your behalf.

If your organisation does not currently have a workplace giving program, now is the perfect time to suggest this as an addition to any existing community programs. For further information on setting up a workplace giving program please email Pink Hope at


Leaving Pink Hope a bequest of any size in your will is a powerful way to ensure that your generosity continues to make a significant difference to those affected by breast and ovarian cancers beyond your lifetime. If you would like to ensure that all or part of your estate is bequeathed to Pink Hope, it’s a good idea to seek professional legal advice to update your will and ensure your wishes are met.

Your gift can take a variety of forms:

  • Residuary – the remainder of an estate after specific gifts have been disbursed
  • Percentage – a percentage of either the residue or the entire estate
  • Pecuniary – a specific gift of cash
  • A specific asset – real estate, shares, bonds or other particular items of value

Residuary and percentage are the most beneficial forms of bequest as they hold their value over time, as opposed to a dollar amount, as the value of your bequest could be significantly eroded by inflation between the time you write your will and the time it is administered.

Suggested wording

If you would like to make a bequest, you will need your solicitor to insert a clause in your will, such as:

I give and bequeath to Pink Hope the rest and residue of my Estate Duty to be applied for the purpose of the said charity in such manner as the Board of Directors thereof may determine and I declare that the Receipt of its Chief Executive, Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be a complete discharge of this Bequest.

We understand that leaving a gift in your will can be a significant decision and we are extremely grateful to you for considering supporting Pink Hope in this way. For further information please contact Pink Hope at

Would you like to volunteer or donate your time as well? Why not consider hosting a fundraiser, joining us for an event, or buying a Pink Hope lipstick?