How can family cancer clinics help you?

22 Aug 2021

Family cancer clinics provide an assessment of a family history of cancer and give information and support to help individuals and families regarding a personalised level of cancer risk, recommendations regarding how you can manage any increased cancer risk such as surveillance programs, understanding the chance a hereditary gene may be involved in causing your family history, and facilitating genetic testing where appropriate. 

Most Family Cancer Clinics are part of the public hospital system, however there are some private cancer genetic service providers. As this is a specialist area of medicine, they need a referral from a GP or other specialist doctor. There is no cost for Family Cancer Clinic services in the public system. 

  • Who needs to attend a family cancer clinic?

There are National Guidelines regarding the eligibility for referral to a Family Cancer Clinic. This does not mean all these people have an increased cancer risk or require a genetic test. It is rather to help triage families who may benefit from a more detailed assessment of their family health history. 

  • Where are the clinics located?

Public Family Cancer Clinics There are public family cancer clinics throughout Australia. Public genetic services offer genetic testing if there is a significant chance of finding a fault (usually over 10%). Click here for your closest family cancer clinic.

Private Cancer Genetic Service Providers If you or your family are not eligible for public genetic testing, there are private services. Below is a list of private cancer genetic service providers. Please contact each service for their referral requirements and consultation charges. Some services may provide bulk-billed telehealth consultations.

New South Wales

            Sydney Cancer Genetics

            Dr Hilda High

            PO Box 845

            Broadway NSW 2007

            Phone: 02 8964 9977

            Fax: 02 8095 9421




            Brisbane Genetics

            Dr Michael Gattas

            Wesley Medical Centre

            Suite 28, Level 2, 40 Chasely Street

            Auchenflower QLD 4066

            Phone: 07 3217 8244

            Fax: 07 3217 8255


            The Mendel Institute

            A/Prof Michael Gabbett

            Prescribe Specialist Group

            19 Longland Street, Newstead, QLD 4006

            Phone: 07 3193 7780



South Australia

            Dr Jaqui Adams

            Adelaide Haematology and Oncology

            Phone: 08 8463-2500


Western Australia

            Sarah O’Sullivan

            WOMEN Centre

            Suite 20, 2 McCourt Street

            West Leederville WA 6007

            Phone: 08 9468 5188