Our Campaigns & Advocacy

At Pink Hope we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our community and our mission. That means creating new and engaging ways to educate millions of people, while ensuring advocacy is always at the heart of what we do. We’re constantly striving for more awareness of and support for increased-risk women and their families. Through tireless work, we’ve made major progress and created real change in this space. Here are some of the ways we have campaigned for change and advocated for patient health.

Bright Pink Lipstick Day 

Cancer doesn’t wait for anyone; we need to take charge of our story. By joining the Bright Pink Lipstick Day movement, you are putting yourself – and your family’s – health first, and you’ll also be supporting other Australians understand their cancer risk and diagnosis. Register and hold your own fundraiser, donate, or buy an exclusive Bright Lipstick Day lipstick to wear loud and proud… because these lipsticks can save lives. #ThisLipstickCan

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Breast Density

Over 60 million media impressions over two years

Pink Hope aims to raise actionable awareness to women about the importance of breast density and to highlight the lack of investment and action in this space. We want to ensure women have the right over their own body and the knowledge they need to be proactive.

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Game Changing Gene Test

Over 25 million media impressions in two days, and industry change within two weeks

Pink Hope wanted to raise the profile of gene testing in Australia, reduce local testing prices and push private providers testing prices down. Subsequently, we launched Australia’s cheapest private genetic test for identifying the BRCA gene mutation.

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