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Looking for more information and a little help? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, have a genetic mutation, or are interested in knowing if you’re at risk of either of those, we can help.   

Here at Pink Hope we provide personalised support for your situation to help you better understand the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. We want to make sure the services and support we provide makes your health journey easier to navigate. We don’t want you to feel alone. We are always here for you.

Ask Our Genetic Counsellor

This free Pink Hope service allows you to submit questions about being at risk. If you’re interested in knowing if you are at-risk, getting genetic testing or learning about ways to reduce your risk, this service is for you. Our Pink Hope Genetic Counsellor can provide general information relating to your situation and can advise the kinds of questions to ask your doctor about your specific situation. 

To ask the Pink Hope Genetic Counsellor a question, use this form.

Online Support Groups

If you feel more comfortable on your laptop, live too far from an in-person event, or just need a safe and supportive environment, Pink Hope’s peer support program on Facebook is here for you. Our closed and private groups are a great way to connect with women who are going through the same worries, treatments, and recovery as you. People jump in to give support, provide reassurance, or offer advice when they can as well as seek support. These groups are there for you to use in a way that helps you the most. Please note members are required to follow the group guidelines which are published in each group.

Interested? The online support groups that you can join are:

National Support Group
For women who are at increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer or who are facing hereditary cancer.

Before and After Photos
A group for sharing pre-and post-surgery photos related to surgeries and procedures undertaken as a result of being at increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

To join a group, all you need to do is click on a link, answer three questions and complete the Pink Hope Keep in Touch form. For more information about the online support groups, or for more information, email us at

She Shares

Our She Shares events are a place for women to share laughs, thoughts, questions and advice. These events are held across the country and involve various activities and thoughtful interactions with others who truly “get it”. We aim to create engaging and enjoyable events that spark meaningful conversations. It doesn’t matter what stage of your journey you’re in, we’ve designed our She Shares events to be a breath of fresh air; and don’t worry, sharing your story is completely up to you. 

Due to the pandemic, some Pink Hope events are now being held online. View upcoming events or if you’re interested in hosting a She Shares event in your area, email us at

We also offer a range of fundraising events, educational webinars and community events, read more on our Join an Event page.

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