Breast screening

Breast screening is a lifeline for early detection, offering peace of mind and potentially life-saving benefits. It involves regular check-ups to identify any abnormal changes in your breast tissue, even before noticeable symptoms appear. Early detection may significantly increase the chances of successful treatment and positive outcomes.

Embracing breast screening means empowering yourself with the tools to take control of your breast health.


X-ray images of the breast tissue, typically recommended for women aged 40 and older. These screenings are essential for early detection, even if you have no symptoms or a family history of breast cancer.

Clinical breast exams

Conducted by healthcare professionals, clinical breast exams involve thoroughly examining your breasts to detect any lumps or abnormalities.

Self-breast checks

Learning to perform regular self-breast checks empowers you to be proactive in recognising changes in your breasts, giving you the confidence to discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Breast MRI or ultrasound

This non-invasive imaging offers a more detailed perspective of breast structure and tissue, particularly in high-risk individuals or women with dense breast tissue. While both imaging methods offer a comprehensive breast tissue overview, ultrasounds prove most beneficial for younger women, primarily due to their increased breast density.

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