An Introduction to Core Health with Samantha Flook

18 Aug 2021

Hi I’m Sammie Flook, I am a Strategic Psychotherapist, Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist in Training and have been working 1:1 with clients for the past 7 years.

I specialise in Habit & Pattern Management, Anxiety, Stress, Emotional Eating & Self Esteem issues.

My sessions focus on a practical, strategic approach that helps you to gain a greater understanding of yourself, your emotions and the patterns that you run, that create the presenting “problems” in your day to day life. I combine Mindfulness practices, Strategic Psychotherapy Techniques and Coaching tools to help to build the skills to confidently self-manage times of discomfort and uncertainty with clarity, openness and ease, supporting you to understand just how capable and resourceful you are in making the changes you wish to make in your life.

“Focusing on where you are now and where you want to be”

My aim is to build a realistic starting point for you to work through areas of discomfort and challenge, adding simple tailored tasks in and out of your sessions, that focus on utilising all of your skills and gifts found within your experiences, that you may not currently be able to see, guiding you to break down the patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck in where you no longer wish to be.

As I say to my clients; “Every problem has a pattern and every pattern has a process with an exact amount of steps that we have to take consciously or unconsciously to re-create our problems.. so does a solution. If we can choose on any level to create a problem, we can learn to create solutions even within the problem space”

The tools and techniques that I teach you aim to help you to be more effective in the world within you and around you, to feel more self sufficient, in control and confident when navigating times of change and most importantly to create a way of living and being that is true and fulfilling for you.