How to implement "Miracle Mornings" into your routine

20 Aug 2021
I love my Miracle Mornings and have been practising them for quite some time now. I encourage you to head over to my website, to learn about how you can set up your day with 6 simple steps to make your day a productive one for you.

Personally, I really wanted to set up the month ahead of being in a state of balance and calm, the way that I felt after my pre-surgery staycation. You see, I have a scheduled preventative double mastectomy because I carry the BRCA gene, my plan is to utilise my miracle mornings and my ‘savers’ to help me recover.

So, a recap for those of you who aren’t familiar with them, your savers are a way of personalising your mornings, they are:

S for silence
A for affirmation
V for visualisation
E for exercise

R for reading
S for scribing

The aim is to implement these steps into your routine on a daily basis. It could be for one minute, or up to the hour. However you want to approach it, whatever works best for you.

I have found it a really useful way of setting up my mornings. I'm going to share with you my plans for the month of recovery. I want to focus on remaining in this feeling of being very balanced and very calm. In my own way, I plan to control what I do so that I know what to expect. Ultimately, for me, it’s about letting go of all that I can't control and focusing on the things I can.

I am going to personalise all of my savers around that calmness.

My S is for silence, I use the Insight Timer meditation app and what I will do is type in the search bar “balance and calm”. All of the meditations and music that I listen to will be about remaining in this state.

My A is for affirmations, I love You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, however it's also just as east also easy to Google affirmations, writing down the ones that resonate. I'll will also still pull my daily oracle cards for a sense of guidance to listen to.

My V is for visualisation, for me is about when I get up in the morning. I have been in this position before where I've had someone care for me. This is round two for my amazing partner, and I have a little girl, as well. I’m very mindful that I don't want to be that person constantly asking, "Can you do this? Can you do that?" So personally I need to let go of a few things. I have spent time prepping my house for when I’m recovering; there are meals in the freezer and we've been de-cluttering every day since I found out about the surgery. It’s a great feeling to know everything is in order so that no one feels the responsibility to have to constantly do, do, do. That said, I really want my visualising to be about the way I'm asking for things and have a sense of calmness and patience when I do.

Even thinking to myself, "That's okay", when my normal response might be, "No, do this now, can you get this done? We need to do this”. I really want to be very calm, very balanced, as that is my mission. It’s all about respecting the other person. And anyone that's been a carer before or in a position similar would agree. If you know anyone that is caring for someone at the moment, if they're sick, if they're not well, if they are having surgery, I give you as their carer a massive shout! It's not easy. You're wearing all the hats in the household. So, my hat goes off to you!

My E is for exercise. Once again, I want some balance and calming exercises after this mastectomy. I know the hospital will give me very specific exercises that I need to do, but really, I'm a little bit nervous about the little things. Making my morning coffee, they do say not to push down hard on the coffee machine to put the capsule in, and I won't be opening the fridge to get the milk out because of the tight suction on the fridge. There'll be plenty of shoulder circles and mini arm lifts. Shoulder blade squeezes and breath work not to mention the hands crawling up the walls. It's going to be a very slow month. There's not going to be any bench presses for the next say, 6-12 months, let's be real here. Beach walks are a big one for me, just hearing the ocean is definitely something that calms me down.

R is for reading. I’m not a big reader, unless ( I know this sounds really weird) it’s a cookbook, I just love to cook. I do also love self-development, anything that resonates with me I’m really interested. I do also love my weekly ritual listening to podcasts. On a Sunday, I listen to Helen Jacobs, that's kind of setting you up spiritually for the week. On Wednesday, I've been listening to a great finance one, which is called Financial Foreplay. Thursdays will be “Pick Me Up’ Thursdays with Marie Forleo, I read her book, it’s phenomenal. She also has a great podcast which covers everything as well. And then on a Friday, I love Lorraine Murphy show – this season she's focusing on reconnection, so that will be very cool to listen to.

And then lastly, there’s S for scribing. Sometime I don’t get to this every single day, athough journaling and writing down my thoughts & feelings is great for the soul. It’s such a mental dump. Balanced and calm is my missson with recovery, however I do know there are going to be some really tough days.

I encourage you, go back and listen to my miracle morning webinar and I hope you feel it resonates. If there's been something on your mind that you've been wanting to focus on and give more attention to, make it your mission for the month as well, bring it into all of those savers; silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading, and scribing. Wishing you success with that, sending you much love!