New Normal Same Cancer

20 Aug 2021

Pink Hope is part of a national campaign, encouraging Australian's to return to their doctors amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Across Australia in 2020, we saw a significant drop in cancer screening, pathology, and surgery. Job insecurity and financial concerns along with fear and anxiety around contracting coronavirus resulted in many Australians deferring medical attention for new symptoms or from attending their routine follow-up appointments.

As many members of our Pink Hope community are aware, the pandemic has also meant restrictions to elective surgery across Australia, which has been a significant concern for many of us at a high risk of breast and/or ovarian cancers.

However, now is the time for us to ensure that we are following up on any postponed surgeries, check-ups, or screenings. It is time for us to re-book our missed medical appointments and prioritise our health once more - because cancer doesn’t wait, so neither should we.

Because of the critical nature of this message, we are so honoured to be part of a collective of organisations bringing this to the Australian public. Pink Hope has joined forces with some of Australia’s most powerful Patient Advocacy Groups in a united effort for Australians to return to their doctors.

So we’re working together! as a collective of patient organisations, we want to encourage people to contact their healthcare professionals, get checked, or re-book their missed medical appointments.

Some of the Patient Advocacy Groups that have joined the collective are Rare Cancers Australia, Ovarian Cancer Australia, Lung Foundation Australia, Bowel Cancer Australia, Lymphoma Australia, Leukemia Foundation, GI Cancer Institute, and Prostate Cancer Foundation.
Pink Hope CEO says “Our organisation has spent a decade advocating for the issues facing our community from equitable access to genetic testing, elective surgery reform to preventative health – we don’t want to see all our collective hard work evaporate. Please if you notice any symptoms see your doctor, if you are concerned or have questions reach out. We may be in this new normal but there is still the same cancer.”

Our hope is that we can begin to see Australians across the country truly prioritise their health once more and ensure that they are taking every necessary step to do so, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.

We would like to thank Humanise Health and AstraZeneca for bringing this message to life.

Don’t wait. Contact your doctor. Get checked.

Visit our website: New Normal Same Cancer

We encourage you to visit our partners in the patient advocacy community working on the frontlines of healthcare across our country. If you have any concerns please visit their websites.