What is Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema

20 Aug 2021

Early monitoring using specialised Bioimpedance technology ( SOZO ) is the Gold Standard in assessing women at risk of lymphoedema. This is especially important in women who have had 5 or more nodes removed. This technology enables the detection of increased fluid in the limb before it is visibly evident. We can then intervene and begin treatment early.

Studies have shown that this approach reduces the number of women who go on to develop significant lymphoedema by approximately 90-92%.

Educating women about their specific risk, what the earliest signs of lymphoedema might be, and how women can care for themselves is also a very important component of Physiotherapy care.

The Strength 2 Strength classes at Women in Focus are based on published studies into the great benefits of appropriately monitored strength training in the prevention and management of Lymphoedema.

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