Pink Hope’s Successful Event Checklist

23 Aug 2021

Whatever style of event you decide to host, the planning is usually quite similar. Follow these easy steps to make your event a success.

  1. Register your event & obtain Pink Hope approval

To obtain approval from Pink Hope for your event complete an Authority to Fundraise Form. This form is online at Get Involved – Fundraising. You also need permission from Pink Hope to use the Pink Hope name and/or logo. Pink Hope is able to put your event on the Pink Hope website and may be able to offer other advice or assistance.

  1. Establish your team

Set up a fundraising group, as you will need help. Try to get a group together with good contacts who are able to dedicate the time and effort. Delegate tasks within the team and ask for help when you need it. 

  1. Set your targets

Determine how much you want to raise and estimate your costs. It is useful to ask for venues, prizes and services to be donated in return for promotion. 

  1. Write up an event plan

Document what you are doing, who is doing what and deadlines. It helps to ensure everything gets done. Be as organised as possible, plan to raise your targeted amount in the most efficient was possible.

  1. Sort out your venue

If you need a venue, investigate options and book it well in advance. Consider things such as parking, wet weather, catering requirements and audio-visual equipment.

  1. Obtain permits

Check insurance requirements for your event and make sure you have any necessary Council or other approvals. Remember to read up on guidelines surrounding raffles and issuing tax-deductible receipts.

  1. Assess risk management

Identify potential risks associated with your event, for example, injury, financial loss, and plan what you will do to reduce or eliminate these risks. 

  1. Publicity and promotion

Promote our fundraiser using your own networks of friends, colleagues, and local clubs. Consider using Facebook, Twitter, as well as email, posters and flyers.