Self-care Pillar - Health Literacy Part 2

26 Aug 2021

As touched on last week, this week we revisit the self-care pillar of Health Literacy. Being health literate means understanding and distinguish between credible and noncredible sources. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015) revealed that 75% of Australians prefer using online media to source health information. The rising saturation of information on the internet, media and social media can be quite overwhelming. 

Having this knowledge will help reduce anxieties about the nature of treatment as well as ensure protective health behaviors are being utilised. For example, when medicines are being safely and correctly administered it will help ensure their effectiveness. 

Optimal use of treatments and services means being able to safely and correctly use medicines from the supermarket and pharmacy, such as knowing how much pain relief to take and when to take it. This also means being able to select and access health services when needed. Sometimes, you may not have to make a trip to the doctor for something such as a headache; this is when a pharmacist might be able to help you. More complicated or ongoing symptoms may require a visit to your GP or specialist. 

Below are some useful links to help understand the responsible use of treatments and services: 

Trusted Resources