Things I Couldn’t Live Without in Hospital

20 Aug 2021

We asked two Pink Hope Community members what they helped get them through their stay in hospital! Here’s the top thing’s they couldn’t live without:

  • Comfortable bras – Buy some zip up bras. The zip is at the front and these bras are great for when you are in hospital as the nurses need to check your breasts many times throughout the day. Also buy some bras that are a size too big as your breasts are often swollen after surgery.
  • High wasted undies   This may only be suitable for those who have DIEP surgery or you may also like to look at buying a pair of Spanx.
  • A nice dressing gown Treat yourself to a pretty dressing gown. They have some beautiful ones at Suzanne’s or Peter Alexander. They are great, particularly for the first few days for easy access for doctors and nurses when they need to check your breasts.
  • Drain bags They may provide you with these at the hospital, but you may like to buy some with a pretty pattern yourself. You can find them by googling patterned sling bags on the internet.
  • Mindfulness apps Smiling Mind and Headspace are great for relieving anxiety both in hospital and at home. Practising deep breathing will help with your recovery.
  • Playlists Make two hospital mixes, one more relaxing and the other with upbeat songs.
  • Personal hygiene items Pack deodorant, face and body wipes, a small bottle of perfume, a small bottle of body wash, lip balm and a razor.
  • Magazines I was way too tired to read a book so instead enjoyed catching up on the latest gossip 
  • Different types of PJs – Winter and summer. Temperature in hospital can vary, so two sets allow you to mix and match. 
  • My laptop and laptop charger – You can play computer games, listen to music, organise your folders, watch movies or TV shows.
  • Tea! – The hospital will have the standard peppermint and black tea but if you drink lots of herbal tea then we recommend taking it.