Why writing things down may help? Jo Marx – Co Founder it’s about us

20 Aug 2021

Navigating the whirlwind…
Life with a cancer diagnosis is never the same. There are so many multifaceted physical and emotional things that have to be faced. Along with often-gruelling treatment and surgery, the emotional wellbeing is something that often gets pushed to one side or dealt with far later down the track. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their inner most feelings, of fear, sadness, anxiety, worry, anger and or denial. The importance of downloading feelings and being able to validate and voice these concerns is paramount.

Writing as Therapy …
it’s about is, a not for profit charity. We developed a free digital support tool for any one affected by any type of cancer. Writing and storytelling has been used throughout history and has been shown to have many cathartic and therapeutic benefits. Our tool can be used to create a beautiful digital scrapbook.  A way to capture, thoughts, values, photos, words and anything that is meaningful you in a way that is completely unique.  We have pre-designed a beautiful 25-page template with over 50 thought starters to help get the creative process started. You just pick and choose what resonates with you.

Why would I create a book?
There are so many reasons to create an it’s about us book. Everyone’s cancer experience is different and their motivation to write a book, is unique to them. There are no right or wrong reasons. Your purpose maybe to help PROCESS the emotions you are going through and things that you are having to deal with.

For others writing is a way to help and INSPIRE OTHERS by sharing your experiences. Often writing is used to REFLECT, it’s a personal way to privately address and interpret thoughts and feelings. Then there are books and writings that are done with the intention of being passed on and shared with loved ones as a LEGACY. What ever your purpose, writing and documenting values, stories and events that are meaningful and relevant is something we all should do.

It’s more than just a workshop …
Our free workshops are aimed at providing information and support for your emotional health and wellbeing. In a small, warm, supportive environment you will be guided through the writing as therapy process, learn how to use the software and hear from professionals in the Oncology sector. We strongly believe that to look after our emotional health, we need to look after ALL of us. We need to strengthen the 5 pillars of support. These include, Health, Diet, Exercise, Socialisation and Education. You will receive expert tips and advice from our weekly guest speakers. You will be able to share your thoughts and feelings with others who are going through similar experiences.  You will be able to laugh and cry and find a way that may help you navigate your path. All workshop participants will receive a complimentary voucher valued at RRP $100 to print their book.

Our workshops are online via zoom due to the current pandemic. The benefit of this is that we get to meet people from all over Australia. Not feeling 100%, not a problem, you can turn off your camera and watch/listen from the comfort of your home. Bad weather day, cold or pouring with rain, you don’t need to go out to participate!! If workshops are not your thing, you can always download the free software and start working on your book independently. Should you wish to print a bound hard copy of your it’s about book, you will receive a 50% discount thanks to our generous partner Momento Photo Books.

If you are interested in find out more please email us at info@itsaboutus.com.au or see click here to join the next series of upcoming workshops.