Canberra She Shares, August 2022

Pink Hope invites you to join us for our She Shares event, an intimate catch up with the opportunity to meet and connect with the Pink Hope team and other women from the community.

Sun 21st Aug 2022
11:00 am - 2:00 am
Wild Yoga Studio Phillip

This event is sold out

Share, connect and spark meaningful conversations in a safe and creative space.

What are She Shares events?

Our She Shares events are a place for at-risk women to meet in a comfortable setting to share laughs, thoughts, questions, and advice. These events are hosted by our community for our community.

About our She Shares events

Our She Shares events are a place for women to share laughs, thoughts, questions and advice. These events are held across the country and involve various activities and thoughtful interactions with others who truly “get it”. We aim to create engaging and enjoyable events that spark meaningful conversations. It doesn’t matter what stage of your journey you’re in, we’ve designed our She Shares events to be a breath of fresh air; and don’t worry, sharing your story is completely up to you. 

What is included?

A 75 minute yoga session, lunch nibbles and a bra fitting session including a look at the latest lingerie fashions.

Join us at 11am for a relaxed yoga session with Katie Welsh, a Canberra yoga teacher who specialises in working with those with a breast cancer diagnosis and beyond. Katie is a champion of rest and brining peace through the more subtle practices of yoga. Katie has her own personal experience with breast cancer and will no doubt transport you into a state of total relaxation. This is very relaxed floor based yoga - not bendy yoga! You should wear comfy clothes! 

Then, as you enjoy a light lunch and catch up at Colleen’s lingerie, Gillian will teach you how to find a bra that properly fits. We know that after breast surgery, women often find it difficult to find comfortable and exciting bras - this was Gillian's experience after her diagnosis and she has been on a mission to change that. Gillian has been fitting bras for many years and her store specialises in post breast surgery bras, breast forms (prosthetics) and bras for the larger ladies. Colleen’s is well known for the additional care they take with customers and for ensuring that there are bra options for post surgery that will leave women feeling confident and happy.