Expert Panel Evenings ~ Sydney

Join the Pink Hope team for an expert panel Q&A session focused on Tumour Testing in cancer. During this event, we will hear from expert speakers Dr Chen Lee, Prof Anna deFazio and patient advocate Caitilin Delaney.

Wed 30th Nov 2022
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
Sydney CBD

Living well with metastatic cancer - Expert Panel Evening Q & A

What are Expert Info Session events?

Pink Hope Expert panel Sessions provide access to a range of medical experts to explore an array of topics that impact the Pink Hope community. These evening events operate as a way for experts to present a large amount of information in one sitting with an opportunity to ask questions. Our panel events are designed to encourage community members to come together in a safe environment to hear from experts, which supports informed decision making about managing your risk and/or managing a diagnosis. In addition to our experts, this session will include a patient sharing their personal experience. 

About our Expert Info Session

During this event we will cover a wide range of topics focused on living well with metastatic cancer. This will include discussion about tumour testing, avenues for management of treatments symptoms, utilising a multidisciplinary team, managing the mental load, access to medications, dose reductions, access to services and much more. The panel will open the floor for all guests to ask questions and get feedback. 

What is included?

You will hear from our expert speakers Dr Sally Baron-clay, Exercise Physiologist Dr Kellie Toohey and patient advocate Dr Andrea Smith. This will be hosted by A/Prof Heather Thorne OAM. The floor will open for Q & A time, and our intimate groups of community attendees also have the opportunity to connect, chat and share lived experiences in a nurturing and safe environment. Some light refreshments will be served at this event.