Pink Hope Fundraising FAQs and Expert Tips

23 Aug 2021

Fundraising for Pink Hope can be a fun, positive and rewarding experience. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions and some great insider tips and tricks for having a successful event., Follow these top tips to make organising your fundraiser easier!

  • Why do I need to register to hold a fundraiser for Pink Hope?

Pink Hope requires you to register your fundraiser and you can do this online. This is so we can provide you with a fundraising resources kit, which contains information to help you run a successful fundraiser. It also gives you all the tools and guidelines you need to make sure your fundraising meets national charity standards.

  • Are there any rules about fundraising?

There are rules for fundraisers which protect you, your donors and Pink Hope. Our Fundraising Guidelines provide you with information on Pink Hope requirements and your role as an event organiser.

  • How will Pink Hope help me with my fundraising?

Pink Hope can provide you with resources to support your fundraising efforts including the Pink Hope logo and conditions of use as well as tips for promotion of your event.

  • Where do donations go?

Funds raised go towards running Pink Hope’s life saving programs, support services and campaigns. A report of our finances can be found in our Annual Report.

  • What kinds of programs does Pink Hope offer?

Pink Hope provides information, support and resources for all Australians to assess, understand and actively manage their risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Pink Hope also provides resources and individualised support for those at risk of breast and ovarian cancer either due to their family health history or a gene fault. For more information on Pink Hope’s programs see the Pink Hope website.

  • How can I get more involved with Pink Hope?

If you are interested volunteering, becoming an Outreach Ambassador or signing up as an ongoing financial contributor to Pink Hope please contact us here. 

  • Are donations tax deductible?

Pink Hope is a registered charity with DGR status. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

  • Can Pink Hope reimburse me for event expenses?

Event expenses need to be withheld prior to the banking of monies raised through fundraising. Pink Hope is unable to refund for event expenses. Pink Hope’s requirements are that expenses do not exceed 40% of donations.

  • Can Pink Hope provide volunteers for my event?

To request volunteers’ email with a short description of your event, including date, time, location and number of people expected to be in attendance. Due to limited resources and high demand, we may not be able to fulfil all requests. Please submit requests eight weeks prior to your event. 

  • Can Pink Hope provide a speaker for my event?

To request a speaker email with a short description of your event, including date, time, location, and number of people expected to be in attendance. Due to limited resources and high demand, we may not be able to fulfil your request. Please submit requests eight weeks prior to your event. Please note speakers available are Pink Hope Outreach Ambassadors – at risk women who are prepared to share their story and information about Pink Hope.

  • Can Pink Hope provide flyers and brochures for my event?

We provide downloadable flyers and posters. If these are not suitable, we are happy to post you these, please email your request to email 

  • Can Pink Hope post to social media about my event / fundraiser?

Due to the number of events and limited resources we are unable to promote every event on social media. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear about your event. Make sure to tag @pinkhopeaus on Twitter and Instagram and Pink Hope Community on Facebook. 

  • How do I submit funds raised?

You can submit you funds by direct deposit or cheque:

Direct Deposit:

Pink Hope Community ANZ Bank BSB 012 217

Account 265055373

Please use your Donor ID as your reference and also email including your Name, Donor ID, Date of Donation and Amount, so we can identify the payment and a tax receipt can be sent to you.


Please make your cheque out to Pink Hope Community and post it to: PO Box 725, Narrabeen, NSW, 2101

Make sure when you post your cheque you include your Name, Donor ID and Email address so a tax receipt can be sent to you.

Don’t see your question here?

Contact us at 

Now for some fundraising tips and tricks! 

  • Plan, plan, plan - Start a checklist and make a plan including key event details such as - where and when. So that the process of organising your fundraiser will be easier to navigate. Establish your target and make a budget Set your fundraising target and let your supporters know what it is. Inspire them all to reach it along with you. Be prepared and make a budget, ensure you know all the costs associated with your fundraiser, to ensure you can maximise the funds you can raise.
  • Set up an online fundraiser – Setting up an online fundraising page through Go Fundraise is super simple and can really add to the target you are wanting to achieve. Be sure to add some personality to your online fundraising page, add photos and a video of you talking about Pink Hope and why it is so important to you. 
  • Friends, Family & Network – Your friends and family will want to make your event a success. So enlist their help and get them involved. Inspire people to donate products and services

You can reduce the cost of your fundraiser by asking your network, family, friends and local businesses to contribute their services, products and skills. Reach out to your local businesses for their support. Contact the places you regularly visit for cash donation

or product/service vouchers to utilise at your event. For cash donations, remember to tell them that all donations over $2 are tax deductable.

  • Promote Your Event – Social media is the cheapest and easiest way to promote your event. Use your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram networks to share your fundraising updates and ask your followers to donate.
  • Ask your workplace to match your funds – This is a great way to boost your total funds raised. Many work places have a dollar-matching program for charities, so ask them to get involved and support your efforts.
  • Ask, and you may receive – You would be surprised how many people will say ‘yes’ and get on board. Simply ask the question – the worst people can say is no.
  • Be informed – We want you to be positive and informed about our organisation. So get on the website; learn as much as you can about our charity and be inspired by the families you are supporting.
  • Lastly say thank you! – Those two words will make all the difference. Anyone who has contributed to your fundraiser needs to be thanked. A simple email or letter will really make next time you want to do a fundraiser that much easier.

Please don’t hesitate to call us 02 8084 2288 or email  – we want to make your fundraiser a success as well!