Pink Hope Fundraising Guidelines

23 Aug 2021

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event for Pink Hope. Your support ensures Pink Hope can continue to support women and their families at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

The criteria considered by Pink Hope as being most important when approving individuals or organisations carrying out fundraising opportunities are:

  • Compliance – All Pink Hope fundraising activities will comply with relevant legislation, as set out by each state and territory in Australia. 
  • Integrity – All Pink Hope activities must maintain the integrity, values and image of the organisation and its brand. 
  • Quality – Pink Hope will have a commitment to delivering high-quality activities.
  • Return on investment – Pink Hope will seek to raise significant funds with minimal staff and resource investment.
  • Profile – All fundraising opportunities will aim to add value to Pink Hope’s profile and its work and maintain the reputation of Pink Hope.
  • Ethics – Ethical considerations will be taken into account when entering into partnerships.
  • Safety – All fundraising activities must be safe for all participants.
  • Loyalty – The fundraising activity fits with Pink Hope’s current partners and sponsors.
  • Acknowledgement – Pink Hope will take pride in inappropriately acknowledging all contributions.

Your Responsibilities

Event Management – As the Event Coordinator, you will be responsible for managing your Pink Hope event. You will need to manage finances, staffing, marketing, promotion, sponsorship and running of the event. Pink Hope is not able to provide prizes or funds to support your event or help you to implement the day-to-day activities of the event.

Money and Financial Record Keeping – The law requires you to keep a record of your expenditure and income relating to your fundraising event or appeal. You can use the Pink Hope Expenditure Form to do this:

  • Provide us with an accurate estimate of the income and expenses associated with your Pink Hope fundraising event. Generally, a fundraising event should aim to return 60% of income to Pink Hope so event expenses should not exceed 40% of gross profits.
  • Keep accurate financial records, including receipts for expenses incurred and records of donations and money received
  • Take only reasonable expenses (such as venue hire and catering) out of the profit generated. You must not incur any expenses in Pink Hope’s name
  • For cash donations, Pink Hope will provide a “donation record sheet “. These downloadable A4 receipt pages are to be filled in and forwarded to Pink Hope, PO Box 725, Narrabeen, NSW, 2101 or emailed to (Pink Hope will issue tax-deductible receipts for all donations over $2)
  • Note: The Donation portal on the Pink Hope website cannot be used as a ticketing system for events. The Event Coordinator is responsible for collecting all ticket payments and monies raised at an event through, for example, raffles and auctions.

Bank your Funds – Please use your name and event name when you bank your funds or communicate with Pink Hope. Send in proceeds of your fundraising event within 14 days of the event concluding. You can send in the proceeds by cheque or direct deposit. Please note these are the only two methods to provide the proceeds of your fundraising event to Pink Hope.

  • Cheque: please make your cheque out to Pink Hope Community and post it PO Box 725, Narrabeen, NSW, 2100.
  • Direct Deposit: The Pink Hope bank details are: Pink Hope Community, BSB 012 217 Account 265055373. Please email with your name, event name and amount deposited.  

Legal Matters – Complete an Authority to Fundraise form and get approval from Pink Hope to hold your event. Ensure that you have appropriate public liability insurance to cover your event, as Pink Hope insurance does not extend to external events. Ensure that you seek Pink Hope’s permission before using the Pink Hope logo in any promotional activities.

How Pink Hope will support you

  • Pink Hope will provide:
  • Event Planning Checklist
  • Fundraising FAQ's and tips
  • A template letter for you to customize to help you gather prizes for your event
  • The Pink Hope logo for use in promotional activities (please note any use of the Pink Hope logo must have prior approval)
  • The opportunity to have your event listed on the Events section of the Pink Hope website
  • Upon request, Pink Hope may be able to arrange for a Pink Hope Ambassador to speak at your event or attend your event
  • When available and possible to transport to your event Pink Hope merchandise can be made available for you to sell at your event
  • When available and possible to transport to your event Pink Hope donation tins for use at your event
  • The opportunity to have your event listed on the Events section of the Pink Hope Website and Facebook page

Logo Guidelines

The Pink Hope logo is of considerable value to Pink Hope as it represents the charity’s brand and image. Below are some guidelines on usage of the Pink Hope logo by Event Coordinators when holding a fundraising event for Pink Hope:

  1. Ensure that you seek Pink Hope’s permission before using the Pink Hope logo in any promotional activities.
  2. Ensure you have Pink Hope’s permission on how the logo is used on any promotional material, for example, invites.


These guidelines have been developed to assist groups and individuals who are planning fundraising events and appeals to benefit Pink Hope. They explain some aspects of the law relating to fundraising appeals, as well as Pink Hope ́s own requirements. They are not a substitute for your own legal advice.