Tips and Advice for a Pre-Surgery Staycation

20 Aug 2021
With just two weeks notice, Lisa was told that her preventative bilateral mastectomy was finally scheduled.

"My world felt like it was turned upside down, even though it was the call I had been waiting on for almost 18 months. I instantly reached for my Little Sage Oracle cards that I pull every morning from the amazing Helen Jacobs. The card I pulled this day was the restore card.

I felt a high sense of my intuition, when I pulled this card and was just so drawn to taking some time out JUST FOR ME. It really was perfect timing. Being able to retore myself on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It was the space I had needed for quite some time.

I thought to myself, "You know what, I would really love to have some time for myself pre-surgery”. So off I went and booked the QT in the heart of Bondi! I wanted to be surrounded by an amazing space, close enough to the beach to smell the salty air and to eat the most amazing food. Here are my tips for the Perfect Pre Surgery Staycation:

1. Understand what your mind and body need
Personally, the reason behind my staycation was that I wanted to nurture my body. I wanted to have a little pampering, hello blissful hotel baths! I wanted to ground down on the sand and be close to the ocean to watch the sunrise. I wanted to meditate more, and personalize those meditations for what was coming. I wanted to journal and sit with what was about to happen. I wasn’t sure in myself If I had actually registered with what was going on?

2. Focus on you and your feelings
I had made the decision to undergo surgery before I even knew that I carried the BCNA gene. Taking the time to actually sit with what's about to happen and how I was going to feel, was so important. Especially for my recovery. During my staycation, I wanted to really feel all of these feelings I journaled out all of my thoughts and by putting pen to paper I felt I could process this all ALOT easier. I also had a 1:1 with a spiritual healer in Bali over Zoom, this also helped with how I was feeling...

3. Have a little fun pampering
I highly recommend this. Knowing I wasn’t going to feel great after surgery, I at least wanted to try and look great! My hair had been coloured and I also treated myself and booked in to get my lashes and eyebrows done as well.

4. Take in the moments
Seeing the sunrise and doing the coastal walk were important to me, as was grounding myself down in the sand and doing an ocean swim. I wanted to write about it all in my journal. Thinking about how I wanted to feel at the end of this staycation, and also how I could continue this feeling after surgery. For me, I wanted to walk away with a sense of balance and calmness. It was the perfect me-time staycation to take it all in. I wanted that feeling of being present in the right here, right now. I focused on some really powerful affirmations to keep me accountable for my restful recovery.

5. Say no to feelings of guilt
Most importantly, especially for us women, there is a sense of guilt that could come along with this staycation. Always remember, that when you say 'yes' to something or someone, you are then saying 'No' to yourself or something else. Remember that it's OK to be clear on your boundaries, always do what is the very best for YOU at this time.

I send you all the strength, courage and love you need on your journey." Lisa x

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