Give my time

Carrying a genetic predisposition to or being at-risk for breast and ovarian cancer can have far-reaching medical, social, emotional, financial and physical implications for women and their families. If you’d like to support them and Pink Hope, you could get involved in some of the following activities. We’d love to have you on board!

Pink Hope Fundraising Events

Get some friends together and enjoy a lovely afternoon planning your very own fundraiser. Why not throw a Pink Hope High Tea? We’re famous for our high teas! Organise an afternoon of nibbles, conversation and fundraising to support our community, have fun with your community and support women who really need it. For more information and suggestions on running your own fundraiser, see below:

Fundraising Info

Promotional Material

Helpful Templates

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

There are so many kinds of events you can run for Bright Pink Lipstick day, the only limit is your imagination. You could host a pink-themed cocktail night, a Sunday brunch, a pamper session with the girls, a guided hike somewhere nearby, a movie marathon, a cooking class… really the options are endless. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! To find out more, visit our Bright Pink Lipstick Day hub.

Become an Outreach Ambassador

Pink Hope Outreach Ambassadors are members of the Pink Hope community that take an active role in supporting and promoting Pink Hope. Our Outreach Ambassadors have navigated the journey, so are better equipped to provide individualised support – while also educating, connecting and empowering healthcare professionals and the general community. Outreach Ambassadors represent the values and beliefs of Pink Hope by:

  • Sharing the positive message of Pink Hope throughout their community
  • Informing the general community about risk and preventative health
  • Informing, supporting and inspiring increased-risk women and their families
  • Supporting Pink Hope initiatives
  • Educating healthcare professionals about Pink Hope and what it’s like as a woman at risk of breast/ovarian cancer

Pink Hope Outreach Ambassadors commit to:

  • Sharing their story on the Pink Hope website
  • Being an active member of the Pink Hope Support Groups
  • Speaking about Pink Hope in media and at events
  • Participating in campaigns and any suitable fundraising activities
  • Actively engaging and commenting on Pink Hope social media channels
  • Educating healthcare professionals about Pink Hope and events/resources we have

Share my skills

Make an invaluable contribution to Pink Hope by volunteering your time, passion and skills. 

There is a huge demand on our organisation and the services we provide, so having your support will make such a difference to our activities, day to day operations and community.

Are you a whiz on Indesign? Or perhaps you love writing, organising, website development, event management, marketing…. the possibilities are endless. We would love to have you volunteer with us!

Interested? All you need to do is fill out our Become a Volunteer